S.W.A.T. Squad™

Your neighbourhood is a mess! People dropping garbage and littering the whole place up! It's got so bad that we need your help!

Armed only with your AR swatter & trash can : walk around your neighborhood and help clean your street of all the Mushys, Mouldys & Mankys and collect them in your can.
Store your Mushys, Mouldys & Mankys in your Compost Station and watch how it will help the plants & flowers grow.
Those that can't be added to your Compost Station will will be pushed into the Firepit, where energy powers your Station, and any fumes & smoke is cleaned and sent out to be filtered and used to water the grass / trees / crops.
The more you catch the more leafy & sparkly badges you earn for you, your community & your even your school. The badges and other surprises you collect will unlock the Greeny Rewards - the more Greeny Rewards you have, we will plant trees, help clean up your local community.
BUT, the fun doesn't end there...