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AЯ melee presents /
vol 1 : Animal Royale

/ PvP
20 players

One of the most anticipated PVP AR/MR experiences, where there can be only one left standing, but on the streets of some of the most famous citities in the world.

AЯcade Classics /
cube I

/ puzzle
single player

pushing the boundaries with AR/MR, c u b e I will test your skills while holding your device, but using your movements to navigate through each cube exit.

catch them in your can

/ hunt
single player

Your neighbourhood is a mess! People dropping garbage and littering the whole place up! It's got so bad that we need your help! Armed only with your AR swatter & trash can : walk around your neighborhood and help clean your street of all the Mushys, Mouldys & Mankys and collect them in your can.

/ our experience

/ beyond your reality®

Technology is an ever-changing challenge for businesses, mobile experiences make up for over 89% of brand awareness. AuGames understands and applies a business context and focus to the mobile augmented reality experience to go beyond just a "tech fad".

/ creative magic

AuGames has been working in the augmented reality space for over ten years. Designing an experience that can be picked up and enjoyed by anyone from 3 to 93 is our gaming ethos. There is no need to over extrapolate or complicate what should be a simple, effective and immersive experience.

/ gamification

We have developed a unique understanding and process that delivers unique gaming reality for the brands we work with. From Action to Adventure and Puzzle to Hunting; we use the proprietary v:ar platform to engineer the best tailored experience for you and your brand.

/ feedback

...AuGames is at the forefront of this revolution and we look forward to bringing our customers the best available AR experience.
kathy ireland worldwide
...AuGames is creating some of the most innovative and unique augmented reality designs we've ever seen anywhere in the world, just amazing
Global Games Publisher
...we've been absolutely blown away with the 'imagineering' AuGames has produced, years ahead of other companies, even Apple & Google
Global Toy Manufacturer
"...AuGames' own brand games & characters are going to redefine how other games companies think about their own characters and brands!
Marvel Games Division

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