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AuGames is a new and dynamic company that creates, designs and delivers amazing augmented reality gaming experience for mobile devices using the v:ar platform. Our agile and talented team work with Global brands to identify specific needs and desires where augmented reality can heighten and enhance their brand experience, while having a unique and immersive experience.

Beyond Reality

Technology is an ever-changing challenge for businesses, mobile experiences make up for over 89% of brand awareness. AuGames understands and applies a business context and focus to the mobile augmented reality experience to go beyond just a "tech fad".

Unique Designs

AuGames has been working in the augmented reality space for over ten years. Designing an experience that can be picked up and enjoyed by anyone from 3 to 93 is our gaming ethos. There is no need to over extrapolate or complicate what should be a simple, effective and immersive experience.


We have developed a unique understanding and process that delivers unique gaming reality for the brands we work with. From Action to Adventure and Puzzle to Hunting; we use the proprietary v:ar platform to engineer the best tailored experience for you and your brand.

Games in Development

A selection of our own branded characters and games currently under development. Watch out for these coming in 2018 and into 2019.

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  • The AЯ Kingdom™ Collection
  • PvP
  • S.W.A.T. SQUAD™


AuGames is currently hiring our new team. While we hunt down the best people on the planet to work with us, our Founders will keep you upto date on AuGames. If you are interested in joining the team, drop us a line...

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